Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Appliance

I'm going to brag on my husband a little lot in this post...he is very thoughtful, kind and giving...just FYI

Before Naomi was born I told Corey about how would love to make homemade baby food. I registered for a baby food cookbook and did some research online. It all looked pretty simple. Only one key piece of equipment was missing...a food processor. Now I know that some people use a potato masher or even a fork to do their mashing, but if I wanted this to be as easy as my research said it would be I needed that food processor.

Since there were so many things that we needed for Naomi's arrival. I made lists of all the items and decided which ones (especially higher priced items) could wait until sometime after she was born. The food processor was on that list. Fast forward 4 months...time has flown by, and we have no food processor and it's not currently in the budget. I was bummed! I'm sure that I complained to Corey about this plenty...I may have even over done it.

Last Tuesday night after Naomi had gone to bed, Corey and I were relaxing in the living room. I got up to get some water from the kitchen and when I came around the corner the first thing I saw was a large present sitting on the kitchen counter. Hmmmm, who could this be for??? Ooooh, it had my name on it! I got all giggly and excited as I tore into the present...much to my surprise it was a 7 cup food processor!! Whoa! What a husband!!

Yes, I am that girl that LOVES appliances for gifts! But this wasn't just any appliance, it was the food processor I'd had my eye on since we began talking about having a baby. AND my husband didn't just go out and blow the budget. He spent his spending money on a gift for me (we each get a certain amount of money each month to spend however we like...mine is typically spent at Dunn Brothers). And it's not my birthday or Christmas or even Valentines Day. Now when I use/look at my new 7 cup food processor I will always think about my thoughtful, giving, sacrificial and kind husband. I am so blessed!

Here are some pics of my first round of baby food...enjoy!

As you can see Naomi is very excited about this orange food!

Next up...this guy!


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  2. I hate typos. I made one in my first comment.

    I meant to say "Butternut squash...I'm thinking soup! Forget the baby food."