Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 Bucket List

I've always thought about making a bucket list, but frankly I think mine would change weekly. So many things to do, places to see and people to meet. So I decided that I could at least make one for the year 2011.

Eleven in 2011
  1. Visit the Harris family and Grandma Violet in Bolivar, MO (plans have been made to go for a long"ish" weekend in May!!)
  2. Purchase a Kitchen Aid Mixer (undecided on color and model)
  3. Visit another baseball stadium (option: Wrigley Field, Kauffman Stadium...)
  4. Knit a scarf and hat for myself
  5. Read one book each month (I did this in 2009 and did pretty well until fall)
  6. Attempt to perfect the art of couponing (I'm currently working on a system)
  7. Read through the bible
  8. Date my hubby more (like once a week at least) (I definitely cannot cross this one off yet, but we have been going on GREAT dates lately! I don't want to check it off...I just want it to continue!)
  9. Reorganize all closets in our home (before baby arrives 8/20/11)
  10. Take a Community Education class (maybe a cooking or baking one)
  11. Organize my recipe box (it's bad)
I better get crackin'!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Blob and a "Swoosh Swoosh"

Since my last post over a month ago...I'm so ashamed...we've canceled and rescheduled the Children's Musical at Autumn Ridge, celebrated Christmas (twice), the union of Mr. & Mrs. Monpetit and New Years Eve. But before all this happened we celebrated two little lines on a pregnancy test! Yea, we're expecting!
This is such an exciting time, but I've had the most fun watching the people around me rejoice over something that is physically happening in my's pretty much the most incredible thing!
Telling our families was a blast! There was laughter, screams, and lots of tears (if you know a Vaughan girl this is not surprising). For Christmas my family gave us a baby name book. They each chose a different color highlighter and highlighted their "favorite" names...and some that were just silly. We had so much fun looking through the book on Christmas day...and most days since.
I think the most fun I've had has been watching Corey's excitement grow. I know people say that it's hard for the dad to really grasp what is happening, but since I've continually shared (or complained) about changes in my body he has grown more and more excited. He has initiated telling friends and his team at work. On Monday January 10th we had our first appointment. I went into it knowing that we were only 8 weeks and that it was possible that we would not hear or see anything. The doctor even told us that there was a 20-30% chance that we would not get to hear or see anything that day. But wouldn't you know...God knew just what we needed! Dr. Jacobson immediately heard the "swoosh swoosh" of the baby's heart! YES! And to top that she got the ultrasound machine and once again God gave us just what we needed...there it was. A little blob with a fluttering heart! Who knew one could be blessed by a blob and a "swoosh swoosh"?!? Both Corey and I were giddy! We decided that celebrating with pizza and a stroll through the baby isles at Target would be the perfect end to the perfect day!
Our hearts are swelling with the excitement around us and in us.