Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

Well, here we are...closing in on the end of our 7th month. We have so many baby related projects going on right now. Check out the list...
  • closet organization (all 5 in our home)
  • nursery painting
  • landscaping
  • more donations for Salvation Army
  • nursery decorating
  • baby supplies
The list goes on. It's all great! And so much fun! We're loving all the little bright things that we've added to our home and cannot wait for a particular little bright "thing" to arrive in August!

Here is how I'm growing these days (more nursery progress in the background).

I had just returned from a our very first baby shower that my lovely sisters in law planned for us. More on that in my next post.

Blessings today.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter, Art's 60th, Work and Nursery Progress...phew!

The last month(since Palm Sunday) has been a complete blur. Both Corey and I have been extremely busy at work, and thus completely exhausted when we get home.
We did manage to squeeze in a visit with the Jordan family over Easter. It was such a great weekend! We started off going to a twins game with Art, Annette, Cody and Lisa. We got rained out, but had a great time. AND the game is rescheduled for mid July! So, we are looking forward to a much warmer day!

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As you can see we did manage to sneak in a picture before the game was called off. I'm looking a little puffy/pregnant here. Some of that is because we were bundled up and some is just my new look:)
Since the game was canceled we headed to Olive Garden for dinner! YUM!
Saturday we colored eggs and when all the nieces and nephews arrived we had and egg hunt! Jordan's have the BEST yard for fun things like egg hunts so even though it was a very blustery day we all took part.


And of course the BIGGEST kid of all!

After the Easter festivities we continued to celebrate and help the faux birthday party for Art (since we had a surprise one planned for later that evening). Mostly we just had a huge, delicious lunch and lots of treats in the afternoon.
On to the was a mustache party in honor of Art's mustache...

The little Miss even joined in the celebration.

And of course the birthday boy with all of his ladies (from left to right) daughters Lisa and Amy, wife Annette, and daughters in-law me and Esther.

The next day, Easter Sunday was glorious. We went to church, ate a huge brunch, went for a walk, took naps and the boys trimmed trees...spring???

And to close out this update here is the nursery progress mentioned previously...

 The nursery with all of the "stuff" that we are currently reorganizing or giving away...and trust me this is HUGE progress! Corey worked on a lot of it this past weekend.

The totally amazing rocking chair from Craiglist! I seriously feel like I stole it from this adorable couple in the Twin Cities. The slipcover is sort of "peachy/yellowish"...I may dye it.

So, that's what the Jordan's have been up to over the last month...oh, and  I went to MO for the weekend with my parents. We surprised my Grandma for Mother's Day and spent some time basking with my aunt, uncles and cousins in the warm weather! It was glorious!

That's all for now folks.

Bumpdate: 23 weeks (Easter Weekend)

Obviously I'm behind...

The dress really exagerates the bump! So fun!