Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bumpdate: Nesting

I'm sure my mother will laugh at this but all I want to do lately is organize, clean and bake...yes mom, I said organize and clean! The nesting has set in. Although it's kind of an annoyance because I am still working, and really all I think about all day long is the list of things that needs to get done...SOON! However, by 3pm I'm tired. Most of the day I sit at my desk, but somehow that totally burns me out. Typically I come home and work on one thing on the list. This week I've worked on thanks yous, groceries, ironing, reorganizing the cleaning and laundry supplies, and the little lady's tubby time supplies.

Other projects that are hanging over my head...
  • Crib assembly
  • Dresser assembly
  • Washing baby clothes
  • Dyeing the rocking chair slipcover
  • Putting away baby clothes
  • Hooks for the nursery closet
  • Diaper bag for daddy
  • Decor accessories for the nursery
  • Stocking up on diapers
  • Do we have enough clothing, sleepers, onesies???
  • Ordering parts for the breast pump
  • Learning all I can about breastfeeding...without actually breastfeeding
  • More thank yous
Honestly I could go on forever! Now that Hubs is done with classes for the summer we'll both be working on these projects...I know he's thinking about these as well. Especially since we are 7ish weeks from our due date and at this point she could really come at anytime...YIKES! Not too early little lady. Though I doubt she'll arrive early...her mom never does:) Maybe she'll take after her father! Let's hope!

Bumpdate: Up Nort' at 32 weeks

This past weekend Corey and I headed Up Nort' to spend the weekend with the Jordan clan...Jordan's North (Pequot Lakes, MN) This has become a tradition and one that we look forward to every year.

We arrived on Thursday and I went straight to bed at 8pm. I had not been feeling well for a few days and needed to sleep off a weird stomache virus. However the next day fun awaited me!

Big boys playing football.

Most of the Jordan clan.

Hubs playing some wiffle ball with the kiddos...a Jordan family favorite.

Gus (our nephew)

Brynn (our niece)...look at how she's got her eye on that ball!

My mother inlaw Annette and sister inlaw Esther...chillin' on the lake.

My sister inlaw Amy and a very tired little Zane...currently the youngest of the Jordan fam.

Turtles...can you find them???

Reed (our nephew)

Hanging out on the sandbar.
Our niece Anna...she's a great poser!

And here we are at 32 weeks, cruisin' on the pontoon.

Bumpdate: Baby Shower June 11th, 30 weeks

My very creative and clever friends Cassie and Becky hosted a delightful shower for the little miss and I on Saturday June 11th.

The Menu

All of the guests brought their favorite children's book for us. Cassie and Becky provided nameplates for each book where guests wrote why the book was so special to them...such a great idea! Now we have a lovely little collection of books to read to baby girl. Each book is so special because of the sweet messages from friends and family who are anticipating her arrival.

Who doesn't love George?!?!

Dad (Grandpa) picked out a Twins book for her. Start them early!

Showing off the yummy cupcakes...and the bump at 30 weeks.

Special visitors Kaley and Jody (college roomate and great friends) came down from the Twin Cities for the shower. They came a couple years back for my bridal shower as well so we had to recreate a couple pictures...

Bridal Shower 2009

Baby Shower 2011

As always...a silly one. Brought to you expecially by Becky and me...come on Kaley and Jody work with us here;)
All in all, it was a delightful morning! What a joy to celebrate such a special time in life with great friends and family. We are so blessed!

Friday, June 10, 2011

June 5th 2011

2 years! How could it be that 2 years have gone by since we were married?!? 

The anticipation.


One of my favorite moments from that day!

The vows.

The fun and games!...and sheep:)

And now here we are. Celebrating 2 years of marriage and expecting our first child.
The best 2 years of my life! I could not imagine sharing them with anyone else! I am looking forward to many, many more.

Memorial Day Weekend

Ahhhh! The glorious long weekend we've all been dreaming of!

This was the first weekend that Corey and I had very little planned in a long time! We decided that there was no laying around and relaxing. We were going to put our precious weekend to good use!

Friday May 27th: "Little" brother Daniel graduates!

So serious...Daniel has an A-MAZING voice! This is a talent that we all love about him. Hopefully he will continue to sing into adulthood! I know I want to hear it more often! 

The Vaughan kids and hubs...I LOVE this picture!

Of course we had to do a silly one. My fave: Joanna on the far left...HAHA!
Saturday May 28th: Nursery progress.
In order to make room for furniture for a little person we had to get rid of the furniture for big people. The mattress and box spring went to my sister Jeffre who now has a "big girl bed". We also took a mirror to the Salvation Army.

Get rid of the old...make room for the new!

Corey's uncle let us borrow his truck...thank you Paul! I've always thought my husband was a "truck" kind of guy. I think I see one in our future:) He looks good driving it!

Sunday May 29th: Med City Marathon
Corey and some friends ran the relay during the marathon. It was an early morning but we had so much fun driving around Byron and Rochester cheering everyone on!

Here is Brent (red shirt, black shorts) getting things started!

And he's off! Red was the team color.

Here he comes...rounding the bend into his exchange zone.

And here is Audra finishing out the race. Team RED came in under 4 hours! Way to go guys!

Brent's son Luke occupying himself:) He's running the bases at one of the exchange zones. What a cutie!
After the race we hit Newt's (local burger joint...a Jordan favorite) for lunch with Brent, Jen and Luke. What a great way to end the morning!

Monday May 30th: Memorial Day Nursery Progress
One more day to put to good we decided to start painting the nursery.

Let the fun begin!

Just your average neutral color.

28 weeks and painting. Don't worry the windows were wide open and all the fans were going:)
 We had fun, we got work done and we spent a lot of time together! The perfect weekend!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bumpdate: Baby Shower (warning: photo heavy)

My sweet sisters in law through a lovely little tea party/baby shower for us on the morning of May 21st. We had a delightful time in Litchfield, MN at Cricket Meadow. It was my first time enjoying this adorable little tea shop, their antique charm and their delicious treats. We had quiche, fresh fruit, and homemade scones all from Cricket Meadow. I will be going back to try some of their other menu items as soon as possible! Everything was beautiful and tasty!
Here are a few photos from the celebration.

Niece Anna posing before the party began. She is very excited about another Jordan girl joining the family!

Grammy Annette, Nieces Brynn and Anna

My sisters Lauren and Jeffre along with my nieces...of course Lauren and Jeffre were a hit with Brynn and Anna!

 Lovely sisters in law Esther and Amy

There is nothing cuter than ruffle butt onesies!...her first!

Handmade quilt by Aunt Esther...I don't know how she does it! She's a super wife and mom, she works AND she is crafty! The quilt is amazing and we will cherish it!

Vaughan girls...minus Abbie...missed you Abbs!


Jordan ladies (from left to right) Grammy Annette, Aunt Amy, Me, Aunts Esther and Lisa, and cousins Brynn and Anna

It was a joy to celebrate the little miss with friends and family! The food, the games, the sweet gifts and wonderful company will be cherished! Thank you everyone for your thoughtfulness!