Friday, April 22, 2011

Look What I Can Do!!

While investigating different ways to edit photos I came across Picnik. This is a free online tool to edit and (as you can see) get creative with  your photos. Granted this is the only editing tool I've tried, but it's free, super easy and has lots of fun options! You'll definitely being seeing more Picnik tools on this blog!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Goodbye 20's

Today I said "hello" to another decade. I greeted this decade with as much excitement and anticipation as the last (we'll see if the next goes as well).
Wednesday I got to spend a lengthy lunch hour with my mom. We had lots of time to talk and enjoy each other's company...I again soaked up as much of her motherly wisdom as I could. I had Women's Bible Study that night as well. When I got home Corey insisted that I open my gift from him...he got me the complete Anne of Green Gables series!!! I have the fondest memories of watching and re-watching these movies on the Disney Channel, and on our own VHS version. Last year the series was on PBS and I was glued to the TV for hours. I think that's when Corey figured we needed to own this collection. If you have not's a must see!

Thursday a sweet girlfriend of mine arranged dinner with the girls. Good food, conversation and great friends. What more could you ask to say goodbye to the 20's?!?
Tonight hubs and I are laying low. I suggested playing a game and some serious cuddle time. Ahhhh.
Corey set up dinner with some great friends tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to more good food, conversation and the ushering in of my more adult years:)

Goodbye 20's. I learned a lot...but I don't think I'll miss you much. Sorry.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 Day Get Away

On Sunday March 27th Corey and I headed up to the Twins Cities for a little get away. There is just something about getting out of town. It seems so much easier to focus on each other, even though we'd had the entire weekend at home with each other. Corey and I had a few goals that we wanted to accomplish while in the Twin Cities. Mostly we just wanted to spend some quality time together, but we also wanted to shop for maternity clothes, baby "things", work attire for Corey and a few items for our home. It was a great get away and I would say pretty successful!
Sunday afternoon we picked up my sisters (Abbie and Lauren) and took them to lunch. Of course lunch was consumed by baby talk, boy talk and school talk. All the things that are currently filling the Vaughan/Jordan girl's schedules. After our late lunch we headed into the Rosedale Mall for a little shopping. We briefly visited a maternity store, of which I am WAY too cheap for and then onto Carter's (a children's clothing store). Of course there was a little 12 month outfit that we couldn't resist...and so the first official purchase for baby girl Jordan was made (I say "official" because it was specifically for a girl).

After our brief shopping trip we said our goodbyes to Abbie and Lauren and were on our way to check in to our hotel. Sunday night we headed over to the Target Center for the Timberwolves game. Normally this wouldn't be too exciting, but the Twolves were playing the Celtics and Target Center was packed! Of course we assumed that the Wolves would be crushed, but to our delight they really kept up! The Wolves were even ahead twice during the 4th quarter. Though our Twolves did loose that night it was a very enjoyable game! Plus, I had a hot dog an french fries for dinner! YUM!

Monday consisted of a lot of shopping,AND one of the most interesting and uncomfortable experiences of my life. I went in to a store called Len at the Southdale Mall in Edina, MN. I found a few cute dresses that I could adapt to maternity wear so I thought I would try them on. As I approached the dressing room attendant she says to me "the dressing room is behind that curtain." I figured I would pull the curtain aside and see a line of dressing rooms with more curtains...boy was I wrong. I pulled the curtain aside to reveal three teenage girls and a woman in her 40's half naked trying clothes on. I thought about turning around and walking out but before I had even noticed I was already inside. So I pulled the curtain shut and attempted to look comfortable with this most uncomfortable of situations. Let's be honest ladies even on a good day it's not fun to take off your clothes in front of a couple of 15 year olds...and I'm PREGNANT! Not my most confidant of body image days. As I wriggled into the first dress I decided that this was ridiculous. People may do this all the time in other countries, but I was born in America and in America we typically like individual dressing least I do! So I put my clothes back on and decided that I didn't really like those dresses as much as I thought I just wasn't worth it. Anyway, the day went on and we walked and walked and the end of the day we were both beat! We enjoyed delicious burgers for dinner and I had chocolate cake for dessert. Let's be real...the reason I love vacation so much is for the food!

Tuesday again consisted of a lot of shopping...and again we walked and walked for hours. Even though we did buy some things we didn't go overboard and I really just enjoyed looking at all of the cute baby things and watching my hubby oogle over a few of them:) He's going to be such a great dad! I can't wait!
We returned home on Tuesday evening. I ran to get us something to eat. While I was gone Corey started laundry and put some of the things we bought away. Here is what I came home to...

I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. It just struck me as so funny to see these little tiny clothes in our closet. I can't wait to have more little tiny things around our home!