Monday, January 2, 2012

Love for Jordan's Manor

Now that we are mostly settled and through the holidays I thought I would take some time to share our new digs with you all. First, we are so blessed to have a home. Loving it as much as we do is and added bonus!

We haven't really "decorated" but all of that will come in time. So please excuse the mish mash of fixtures, furniture and bare walls. Here are a few spaces in our new pad that we have fallen head over heals for...most of these pictures are from the main level and living spaces.

The little office nook just off the kitchen. It's a place for organization (which Corey loves!).

The hidden garbage! This is simply amazing!

The deck off the kitchen. Obviously being winter in MN we haven't really used this yet, but we cannot wait grill, drink coffee and wine, read a book and just hang out in this space!

Our charming kitchen. This is my favortire room in the Manor. I love the window over the sink, the countertops, the sink and faucet, the peninsula where I envision children eating breakfast, doing homework and helping mom bake, and I love the openess of the space. I am very blessed to have such a delightful space to work in.

The windows! This is the largest of the windows on the main level, but there are four large windows that let in tons of glorious sunlight! Oh, and it's the perfect place for the Christmas tree!

Our red door! This was the first thing I commented on the day we looked at the house. It drew me right in!

This is our little hallway on the main level. What I love about this hallway are the stripes! Hubs agreed to me stepping outside the box with the paint in this space...and it turned out so perfect! We both love this little decor gem!

This is our little mud "room". I say "room" because it's really just a nook, but it's a perfect little nook! I love the built in storage, bench and flooring. I am looking forward to tiny boots, coats, hats and mittens strewn about this mud "room"!

When Corey and I were making a mental list of the "must have" items in our home a utility sink was on that list. This may seem odd to some, but I've had to wash out paint brushes, poopy baby clothes and handwash clothes in a bath tub for two and half years. The actual task of washing things in a tub is not a's the cleaning of the tub after each use that was. Anyway, I personally LOVE having a utility sink!

A little corner for crafting. For all of you who are on Pinterest you know what I mean! Here I can start a project and leave it out (within reason) until I'm finished. This space is in our basement where someday we will have another living space, but for now I will craft!

There are so many, many things we love about our home that I could go on all day! Corey and I feel so blessed to have a home where we can host family and friends, grow our family and just spend time together!

Thanks for visiting! "Y'all come back now. Ya hear!"

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