Thursday, December 29, 2011

At Four Months You...

  • Are the happiest baby around
  • Rarely cry when going down for your nap or to bed for the night
  • Still wake after 30-45 minutes of sleep (only at naptime) but are getting better at putting yourself back to sleep.
  • Are still sleeping 11+ hours at night (praying this continues!)
  • Recognize when you do not recognize people right away. We had a major melt down at Grammy Nett and Papa Art's when we first arrived. After being fed she quickly realized that Grammy and Papa were harmless.

  • Are discovering your feet.
  • Have a nice bald spot on the back of your head, because you LOVE laying on your back so you can see the world around you.
  • Continue to get better at tummy time, and are working on sitting in your Bumbo for longer then five minutes.

We celebrated your first Christmas this year by cutting down our Christmas tree. You enjoyed taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the tree farm. We even saw a bald eagle!
This year for Christmas you got a Little People Nativity (so that next year you will play with yours and not mom's), Ragedy Ann and Andy (mom had one when she was little and rubbed all the hair off), a Jumperoo (I'm certain you will LOVE this as you enjoying kicking your legs and putting your weight on them), a Tutu made by Auntie Lauren (pics coming soon), as well as cute little outfits, a few books and toys. Just so you know this will probably be the most you ever get for Christmas...enjoy the extreme amount of presents while you can. Your dad and I are not into the ridiculous amount of junk kids get/have...we'll discuss that as you grow...I'm sure:)

Love you Peoney! You are such a joy!

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